Second hand motorhomes

You’ve reached the stage of buying a second-hand
motorhome, van or converted van! What type of vehicle to choose, the essential
criteria to take into account, where and when to buy…

Buying a used motor home: defining your needs

Acquiring a recreational vehicle is an investment that
needs to be considered. It is therefore essential to review your search
criteria and prioritise them in order to buy the second-hand motorhome that
will perfectly match your intended use. Fortunately for you, there is a wide variety
of vehicles and just as many projects to be realised with them!

What is the budget for buying a motorhome?

First and not least: the budget.  Take the time to evaluate your financial
capacity before you start buying a motor home.

The interior of a second-hand motorhome

Pay attention to the layout of the motor home. It must
correspond to your pace of life and allow good mobility on board. So choose the
bed layout that best suits your needs (central, transversal, pavilion, bunk
beds, bunk beds or nasturtium), that of the kitchen but also that of the
bathroom (separate toilet and shower, or not). Opt for a vehicle whose hold and
storage space will be highly capable of meeting your storage needs and will
allow for a non-negligible living comfort.

Make sure you have good insulation before buying a
second-hand motor home, whether for winter or summer use (or both). Heating and
air conditioning will be your friends! The good condition of the vehicle and
its watertightness must be checked before purchase. If this is not the case,
don’t hesitate to have the motorhome appraised to get a complete check-up of
its health and control its humidity.

According to your needs, don’t hesitate to add
equipment and options (size of the fridge, water storage, cabin air conditioning…)
to offer you more comfort on board and facilitate the resale of the vehicle.
However, be careful not to over-equip your motorhome, as this could
considerably reduce its payload.

The autonomy of the motorhome: estimate your
consumption in terms of electricity or gas. Not all motorhomes consume energy
in the same way, depending on the equipment and how it is used, so you should
choose a solution that suits your needs and those of the motorhome. Also think
about the size of the clean and waste water reserves, which can be increased in
terms of storage capacity.

The carrier and the engine: each carrier (Fiat,
Citroën, Ford, Mercedes, Iveco or Volkswagen) offers engines with different
models depending on power, consumption or gearbox. Although this is not a
decisive criterion, the choice of engine will nevertheless have an influence on
the vehicle’s performance, power and driving comfort.

The brand: reliability, aesthetics or equipment
quality…not all brands are the same. So find out which ones will meet your
expectations at the right price.

In case of purchase and sale between private
individuals, do not hesitate to ask for copies of the technical inspection, the
watertightness certificate, the maintenance book or even the invoices for the
“work” carried out on the motor home.